Sri Sai Kishan Foundation
Welcome To Sri Sai Kishan Foundation,

"Commennced With Doctrine base principles to create
 sanctuary home for homeless,home for hopeless and home for helpless"
               Our Sri Sai Kishan Foundation's was commisioned with views and intention and Bless of compliments from the Nobles and Gentrys, to do the Humanatarian comprehensive Public service to the poor and needy. We wants to be a Oasis like to them whoever approach for charity help and assistance.Our perseverance efforts to be a Precedence among the NGOs is our lifetime Ambitious of Plan is to Create a Hospice Home like a Sanctuary to give Asylum to the Homeless, Hopeless, and Helpless is our Optimism that it will be a " Light of Hope " to the Deprived under Privilaged Humanity which will be a mechinary to rehabilitate and soar the life of Asylum peoples.
            We want to create Austicm Awareness where we have identified the HIV prevalence among specific area of Population Most-at-risk thro' our Avert Project of comprehensive service participatory strategy to HIV prevention and reduce social stigma for Vulnerable HIV and impede the immolate themselves due to depression arise out of social Ostracism.
            To safeguard the welfare of HIV/AIDS affected Malnutrition children by providing social security and with feeding of Healthy Nutritious Food - since it is very essential for them to sustain themselves and power of resistance against the HIV virus. And to take care of their education also.
              Beside these Main Projects of shedules, we also want to support the stunted Orphans on road-side and Old Age People's responsibility who were neglected by their own kith and kin.
           All these Dominant Dreams and Topnotch Desires can become in realistic only with the Grace of God and Bless of Benevolences, that I believe strongly!
             Lion K.Venkkatrajulu
             Founder and Chairman
             Sri Sai Kishan Foundation
Sri Sai Kishan Foundation
Sri Sai Kishan Foundation